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Enjoy playing at the best free roulette online casinos in South Africa. The transition from playing free roulette once you’ve defined and perfected your strategy.

In casinos throughout the world and in casinos online, roulette remains a very popular game. In fact, it seems that interest in the game is ever-increasing. Those players back in the mid-1700s, when roulette started its rise to popularity, would have had no idea that many years down the line, people would be playing free roulette in the comfort of their living room, or maybe even during their daily commute. What a great concept – free roulette!

One of the best things about roulette is that the game itself is very easy to understand. There are some variations of the game which change the rules slightly, but all-in-all the wheel spins and the players must bet based on which number the ball will land. Learning how to play roulette could never be easier!

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The Benefits of Free Roulette

As we mentioned above, it’s easy to understand how to play roulette, but getting to grips with the odds of the what the betting combinations are can take a bit of time. Playing a free roulette online game will get you into the stride of the game and you’ll still have lots of fun doing so all while figuring out your favourite way to bet.

A bit of time on online casino roulette free play, and you’ll find out what type of play you like best. Maybe a straight up single number with 1-35 odds is what gives you the biggest gaming excitement, or maybe you’re a little less adventurous and want to just play red or black with odds of 1-1.

Online casino roulette practice play will give you the opportunity to explore and understand outside bets, corner bets, line bets and the odds. It will help you figure out your own personal strategies and betting methods before going before playing online roulette for real money or playing live roulette.

That ability to weigh up the level of thrill with the level of payout/odds is what makes this game so much fun and extremely rewarding.

Types of Free Roulette

Essentially there are two types of free online roulette game which can be played in the same way, but which have different odds due to the amount of numbers on the wheel. American roulette has a double zero and a zero and European roulette only has one zero. This means that the European roulette with a total of 37 numbers that the ball can land on is different to American roulette which has 38 numbers. With the lower chance of hitting the correct number when there are more numbers to pick from, the European version favours the player more than the American version.

Online casino roulette will often provide an option for both European and American roulette and often may include a multiple-wheel option. This means the player can choose one set of bets and play that against multiple wheels which all spin at once.

For those who are a little bit more comfortable playing roulette, many casinos online offer live roulette, with real live croupiers at your service. Most casinos do not really provide an option to play a free online roulette game at the live tables, but from time to time special promotions can be found at some online casinos who specialise in live roulette games. Always keep a look out if you want to try. Some live casinos have the option to chat to others at the table and choose avatars making the whole experience more interactive while spending real money.

There are two main ways of playing a free online roulette game, with both giving you the opportunity to learn and get a feel for the game and give you more confidence should you wish to decide to play for real money at any time.

Demo versions / not real money
With demo versions of roulette, you get the chance to play roulette for fun, no money involved! You do play with “play money” though and can only win “play money”. It is still a lot of fun, but more than that, you also get the feel for online casino roulette. This helps you establish whether you enjoy the software or whether you’d prefer to try another casino before you play for real money.

Most casino offer free play or demo options via their website, so you won’t need to download any software. However, there are also casinos which provide an option to download the software giving players the option to choose which method of playing roulette for free suits them best.

Demo versions online or downloaded, are a good, safe, way to try the casino’s various roulette games, and also to get a feel of the specific casino’s interface and lobby etc. It’s the perfect case of try before you buy.

Free chips / play free roulette and win real money
If the casino offers the demo version, you have the option to play that for a long as you want before taking up any special real money offers that the online casino provides. The types of signup bonuses vary quite vastly from casino to casino and some casinos offer more promotional bonuses in general than other casino in order to attract new players and reward their existing loyal players.

Signup Bonuses

There are basically two types of signup bonuses offered by online casinos. Most casinos offer both types of bonuses.

The no-deposit bonus is awarded merely for signing up to the site and provides you with the opportunity to play in the casino as though a deposit had been made and with a chance to win real money.

The cash-deposit bonus provides players with additional free money to play free roulette. So, once you have played out your no-deposit bonus and you’re feeling confident that you like the software, and of course, you understand the game and the odds a bit better, you can add some thrill to it all by making a deposit.

Some bonuses are staggered meaning that the bonus percentage differs based on the cash amount the player deposits. Some casinos offer bonuses for the first few deposits whereas others may only offer bonuses on the first deposit made.

All bonuses come with terms and conditions. These terms and conditions vary from casino to casino and often from game to game. Always be sure to understand the terms and conditions as these are the rules as to how and when you will be eligible to receive pay out of any winnings.

Bonuses will almost always have a wagering requirement, which means you need to play through any winnings a certain amount of times before you are entitled receive payment of the winning. Most reputable casinos will show you where you are with your wagering requirement and/or the amount of winnings that can be withdrawn at any given stage.

It can’t be stressed enough to always check out the terms and conditions of the bonuses and under what conditions payment can be made. These conditions vary between casinos and sometimes change day to day or promotion to promotion. Being aware and understanding these will help you plan how to get the best out of your free roulette winnings and will also make sure you avoid any disappointment.

It is recommended that you choose bonuses or casinos which offer bonuses with lower wagering requirements. This gives you a reasonable chance to be in a position to withdraw any winnings. Also check whether there is a time limit on reaching the wagering requirements. If you win a decent amount with the first playthrough you would want to be able to have a chance of having enough time to play through the winnings to reach the withdrawal requirement.

The wagering requirements take into account that the odds of winning. The odds on slots and roulette are different which means that the wagering requirements are usually a bit higher roulette. Players should also note that there would be different playthrough requirements for live roulette as opposed to standard casino roulette.

Free Roulette is Mobile

Location is no longer important. Most casinos provide for terrific mobile gaming casino experiences and free roulette is included. This means you can play wherever you want, not just your cosy lounge, but on the way to work and maybe while waiting for the dentist to call your name.

Free roulette is a game changer. Whether you decide to play demo versions for free without the option to win free money, or whether you sign up for free bonuses to play free roulette, or spend money to get additional free roulette play, you will have fun, all while preparing yourself for the real thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

📌 What is free online roulette?

Free online roulette is roulette that you’ll play at an online casino for free! You’ll get access to play money or play chips that you can use to bet, and it’ll work in the same way that online roulette normally works.

📌 Can I win money on free roulette?

Not exactly. Free roulette can prepare you for playing normal roulette in the long run. You’ll learn strategies and find a way to bet and manage your bankroll without costing you a cent.

📌 How do I play free roulette online?

Just find one of the best online casinos in South Africa that offers free roulette, and you’re good to go! Some online casinos won’t even force you to sign up for an account when playing for free.

📌 Which free roulette games are best?

There are many different types, and all have their own different flavour. European roulette has the best odds for the player, but all free roulette games are fun and exciting.

📌 Can I play live dealer roulette for free?

There aren’t many live dealer roulette games for free that are out there. It makes it a little complicated when having a live dealer, spinning the wheel in front of you and not being able to put any real money down. We recommend reading about live casinos in South Africa.