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Casino Free Spins

If you’re in the market for getting free spins with no deposit, then look no further than Casino Kenners’ best online casinos.

Casino free spins are a great introduction into the world of online slot machines. There are many exciting and reputable casinos providing free spins with no deposit in South Africa and of course around the world. This page gives you an overview of the types of casino free spins that are available when they’re available, and what types of terms and conditions to expect.

Free Spins on Registration, No Deposit

Online casinos are eager to get players on board, and free spins on registration with no deposit are one of the enticing and mutually rewarding ways they do this. The player gets to try out the free spin slots and the casino gets you onboard. It’s a win-win!

Talking about winning… Should luck be on your side, it is possible to win real cash with free spins and no deposit. Some casinos will require that you make a deposit before you cash out though, so be sure to read the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions applicable to most casinos are discussed in more detail further down on this page.

You may also find it useful to familiarize yourself with the best no deposit casino bonuses.

It should be noted that casino free spins come in different guises and not all are created equal. Free spins, no deposit bonus could, for example, include 25 free spins for a wager of 10 pence, or 50 free spins for a wager of 5 pence. The monetary value provided to the player is the same in both instances, but different players will view the bonus differently depending on their personal betting preference.

An online gambler who likes to play higher stakes could be disappointed to find that the casino free spin bets are of low value. But if you play for fun and are looking for an extended time of play, then chances are the higher number of free spins would be more rewarding. Then there are those few casinos that like to up the ante and provide higher stakes and a higher number of free spins.

The free spins offered on registration with no deposit bonus will give the player a set amount of free spins (most around 20 to 30 spins). But what’s exciting is that most slot games award free spin bonuses in-game when you hit the right combination.

Besides hitting the jackpot, what many slots players are playing for is the free additional spins. And even greater excitement abounds when you’re playing no deposit free spins, and you hit free spins within free spins, within free spins. The re-trigger feature on some slot machines can deliver a good amount of exciting free playtime.

As the free spins must be played on one slot machine, either determined by the casino, or determined by the player before commencing the free spins, (depending on the casino), the player won’t have the opportunity to try out different slot machines as they would have been able to do with a no deposit monetary bonus amount. However, the free spins no deposit required feature does give players the opportunity to get a feel for the casino’s functionality and overall personal appeal.

If players want to try out different slot games and not only the casino free spins, the instant play option where no real money is involved is a good way to do this. You will then be able to try out a variety of slot machines. Or you can pick up casino slots for real money.

Free Spin No Deposit Bonus Slot Machines

Casinos make use of different software providers or a combination of software providers resulting in there being thousands of different slot machines available to play online. Casinos will offer a variety of theme-based promotions throughout the year sometimes drawing on older nostalgia-inducing favorites and sometimes appealing to players who want to try something new.

The free spin no deposit bonuses are used to reward regular online gamblers as well as new players. Often, when a new game is released the free spins will be made available for that specific game only.

There are also special no deposit free spin promotions throughout the year which are targeted at regular users. These are often theme-based, so at Christmas or Halloween for example, free spins will be made available on slot machine games such as Naughty but Nice, and Witches Hunt all adding to the atmosphere of the season.

The number of free spins awarded on these bonuses will vary from casino to casino but probably anything from 10 to 30 free spins are up for the taking on these promotions.

Terms and Condition of Free Spin No Deposit Casino Offers

There are very few things in life which are free, and even less of those don’t have any conditions tied to it. The world of online slot machines and online gambling is no different. There are specific terms and conditions relating to no deposit free spins, but these do vary from casino to casino.

Always check out the casino’s terms and conditions pages when taking advantage of free spins, or any free casino bonus offer for that matter. This will give you an understanding of what requirements need to be met before you will be able to cash out any winnings into your bank account.

There will likely be a monetary maximum imposed on the winnings that can be cashed out once all the other requirements have been met. The maximums do vary from casino to casino and will usually be lower for players when no deposit has ever been made.

Some casinos will only allow the withdrawal of winnings from free spins with no deposit bonus after a deposit is made. What this means in essence, is that you don’t need a deposit to play and win, but you need to make a deposit in order to withdraw the winnings.

In order to prevent players from playing through the free spins and cashing out what they won straight away, which would result in a loss to the casino every time, playthrough requirements are imposed by all casinos. The total amount won from the initial free spins will be subject to these playthrough requirements. Playthrough requirements are also referred to as wagering requirements.

Depending on the casino’s generosity, the playthrough or wagering requirement is usually between 40 and 60 times the winnings. However, there are casinos that provide much higher playthrough requirements (sometimes up to 120 times) so check those out in order to avoid disappointment.

Another thing to note is that free spin promotions are often time-limited so take up the offer before expiration. Also, once the promotion has been triggered, and you’ve started the free spins, the free spins must be completed within a specific period. This can be anything from 24 hours and usually up to 30 days.

As you can see, the option to win cash is possible, but it is usually limited in value, and it must follow the playthrough requirements. To know what the requirements are of the particular casino, it’s important to read the terms and conditions of all free bonuses and offers including the free spin no deposit required bonus. It will go a long way to manage your own expectations and to avoid any potential for disappointment when you want to withdraw winnings.


📌 What is a casino free spin?

Casino free spins are promotions provided by casinos which allow players to play a slot machine for free. The spins relate to a single bet on the slot machine and one turn of the reels equals one free spin.

📌 Do free spins no deposit promotions pay out in real cash?

Many casinos do pay out in real cash, but most often there is a limit as to the maximum amount that can be withdrawn. Always check out the terms and conditions of all free bonuses and no deposit promotions.

📌 Can free spins be retriggered when playing the free spins on registration no deposit promotions?

Yes, retriggering is not specifically switched off for bonuses and all game play will usually apply. This will exclude the double up options and eligibility for any progressive jackpot wins though. The reality is, you don’t want to win too big on those first initial free spins because the higher the win, the more difficult it is to reach the playthrough requirements.

Ideally, once the free spins are done, and the total winning is relatively small, you carry on playing and before the winnings run out, you hit the extra free spins. This increases the chances of making it through the playthrough requirements.

So, don’t be too disappointed if the initial winnings are small and you don’t trigger any additional free spins straight away.

📌 Which conditions are the most important to meet in order to receive a real money payout?

All terms and conditions must be met. Casinos don’t waive conditions on an individual basis. But also bear in mind that there is usually a maximum amount withdrawable, so manage the excitement levels if you hit one of the jackpots while playing a free spins no deposit required bonus

📌 What is the average number of free spins awarded?

This does vary quite a lot from casino to casino, but on average most casinos tend to offer 20 to 30 free spins for their no deposit promotions.