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The Best Live Dealer Casinos in South Africa

Find only the best online casinos on offer in SA. Sites that are safe, secure and fun, giving you an unforgettable gambling experience in 2019.

Have you ever wanted to play poker, blackjack or roulette in front of a real live dealer, but don’t have the time to head all the way to the casino? Maybe you just miss the atmosphere of playing at a table with other people in front of a dealer? Live dealer casinos have you covered.

With live dealer casinos sites, you can play some of the best table games around all from the comfort of your armchair. You can experience the thrill of hitting a picture with your Ace, watching the ball land on your number and finally hitting that flush in front of a dealer and a bunch of other real players! What could be more exciting?

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How we Choose the Best Live Casinos

It’s easy to just head straight into our list of the best live online casinos and start playing right away but we feel it’s always important to be open and transparent about how we select our top casinos.

Our team of experts are casino players and online casino lovers, and nobody in the team will ever shy away from a live dealer casino. In fact, our review team spends a large amount of time and their own real money playing at online casinos trying to find the best live casino South Africa has to offer, and that’s where the difference comes in.

Many players will just flock to the first few online casinos with live dealers that offer the best welcome bonus, but there’s a lot more to it than that. At Casino Kenners, we take a number of factors into consideration before we even think about listing the casinos. Only the top live casinos will make it to our list on this strict set of criteria that we’ve laid out below.

Only the best live dealer casinos will have:

  • Licensing from the correct bodies and authorities.
  • SA players playing and accepting deposits in ZAR.
  • A reputation amongst players, rating it as a top casino.
  • A wide variety of live dealer casino games, as well as other games to play.
  • Banking options that you can count on.
  • Well-structured bonuses and promotions to suit you.

The Benefits of Live Dealer Casinos

It’s immediate to see what kind of benefits live dealer casinos can bring to the table. We’ve already touched on it before, but it needs to be reiterated in order for players to truly understand the magic of playing at a live casino.

The Atmosphere it Creates

There’s nothing quite like it, save playing at a brick and mortar casino. Except, there’s much less preparation, travel time and effort involved. How often have you wanted to experience the lights and vibes of a real casino, but just didn’t feel like leaving the house? Perhaps it’s raining, maybe the trains aren’t working, or you just feel like staying in bed.

These are all legitimate reasons for experience a live dealer casino on your PC or mobile (read more about mobile casinos in South Africa). You can get all of the feelings of playing at a real live casino while staying in the comfort of your own home, the heat on and a cup of tea by your side. Watch the dealer flip over your cards, see other players make moves, tip the dealer and have a full-on conversation around the table. It truly is mind-blowing!

No Waits – Instant Access

At some of the more popular brick and mortar casinos, especially those with an abundance of table games, there’s not always a spot. Table games take up so much real estate in a traditional casino that sometimes there are only a few tables and even then, some of them are completely full, or barebones empty.

With the best live online casinos, you’ll always get a chance to sit at a table filled with other people. You won’t be playing just against the dealer, but have a group of people all around you, trying to break the house. You’ll instantly get to sit at a table and start playing.


Some people don’t actually trust the RNG of an online casino. It’s ridiculous because these things have been monitored and are all certified to be accurate and trustworthy. Even so, some people like to see the cards being dealt.

Exploring the Games in Live Casinos

The best live online casinos will offer you a number of games to play in front of a live dealer. As you can imagine, if you’re in the market for slots, progressive slots, keno, bingo or scratch cards, you’re going to be out of luck with live casino play. Having said that, most of our top recommended sites will still give players access to those games.

With the top live casinos, you’ll get live blackjack, live poker and live roulette as standard, with the occasional casino offering live baccarat too.

Live Dealer Blackjack

Live dealer blackjack works in a very similar way to regular blackjack. The rules are identical, you’ll still need to get to 21 and the dealer will likely need to stand on 17. The difference is that there is no RNG in the cards and the dealer will pull each card from the shoe. What you may find is that the games are slower, but offer far more tension and excitement.

Live Dealer Poker

There are a few different types of live dealer poker that you can play. Obviously, Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular, but you likely find Three Card Poker in a live dealer casino too. The objectives and rules are the same, but having a crowd of people around you definitely adds to the atmosphere.

Live Dealer Roulette

Roulette does usually take a fair amount of time when you’re playing live dealer games. This is pure because the time it takes for everyone to place bets, and wait for the wheel and ball is a lot longer to give people that chance. More about this game, you can read at the best online roulette for real money page.

Live Dealer Baccarat

There’s nothing quite like baccarat and even more so, the live dealer version of it. Baccarat is a game that is steeped in history for good reason, and playing online for real money it has never been more exciting!

Bonuses for Live Dealer Casinos

With live dealer casinos, you may find that the bonuses are all very similar. It is important to ensure that you claim the right bonus that works for you though because some of the bonuses that you may claim, might not count live dealer games as wagering requirements for you to get your money out at the end of the day.

Instead, you may actually find that certain online casinos, especially those in our top list of best live casinos, will offer specific live dealer casino bonuses and promotions if you’re looking to play those types of games exclusively.

These are some of the types of bonuses you’ll likely see at live dealer casinos:

  • Welcome Bonuses – Bonuses you claim when you sign up and deposit at a new site.
  • Reload Bonuses – Promotions that happen daily, weekly or monthly. Ones that keep customers coming back.
  • Referral Bonuses – Getting a friend or family member to play at the same casino.

Frequently Asked Questions

📌 What is a live dealer casino?

A live dealer casino is a site where you can play live casino games, online, in front of a real-life dealer and other players connecting through the internet. You can chat to the dealer, chat to the other players, tip the dealer and more!

📌 How do live casinos work?

On the dealer end, the croupier stands at a table with a webcam on them which then gets fed to the players. Each card that is drawn from the shoe has a scannable surface area, and the live dealer will run each card over the scanner to register the card on your system, and will place them out in front of you.

📌 Which live dealer casino is the best?

The live dealer online casinos that we list on our site are truly some of the best. They have been rated and reviewed as some of the best places to play, offer wide varieties of games and payment options that you can trust.

📌 What is the best live dealer casino game to play?

Any kind of live dealer game is always a blast. Live dealer blackjack and roulette are the most popular, but there is a market for all of these live dealer casino games, including live dealer baccarat and live dealer poker too.

📌 Are live dealer casinos safe?

Live dealer casinos from reputable sites are very safe. There is a live person in front of you, dealing the cards, making it very easy to spot any kind of foul play. Additionally, all the live dealer casinos that we list have been accredited by the correct independent bodies to ensure fairness and safety.