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The Best Mobile Casino Sites in South Africa

Get online casino action on your mobile with the South African top online casinos. No matter what device you have, start playing today and feel the power in your hands.

If you’ve ever felt like playing at a casino but didn’t quite feel like leaving the house, then you should be looking for mobile casino sites in South Africa. With mobile, whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you’ll find exactly the right site for you that suits all your needs.

Mobile online casinos will offer you the perks and variety that online casinos have, but in a much more focused way, giving you the power to have a fantastic experience. You can get many games through your browser, with HTML5 technology, or simply download an online casino app and play whenever you feel the need.

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What Makes a Good Mobile Casino?

The best mobile casinos are ones that get you straight into the action. We believe that this is what makes a good mobile casino. Sites these days use responsive websites and browser-based gaming. That means, that no matter what phone you have, no matter the screen size, the online casino site has been built in a responsive way, making it automatically fit your screen.

In terms of games, a lot of online casinos will offer fewer games on mobile, but that’s not the end of the world. There are fewer games because each one needs to be specifically designed and adapted to fit your mobile device. You may find a few bells and whistles missing, but you’ll still get the same fantastic experience.

The new SA casinos have no such problem with a small number of mobile games.

If you take all of that and couple it with our list of what we believe mobile casinos should have a necessity, you’ll be in online mobile casino heaven. Our team of reviews at Casino Kenners has sifted through all of the top mobile casinos the internet has to offer and has come up with a list that ticks all our boxes.

This is what we require from every single one of our best mobile casinos:

  • The ability to play anytime from anywhere, using low bandwidth on mobile.
  • Accepting all South African players with ZAR deposits and withdrawals.
  • A sterling reputation amongst players.
  • A variety of games made specifically for mobile.
  • Exclusive mobile bonuses and promotions.
  • Licensed and regulated certifications.

Playing on Mobile

Playing on mobile is easy to do and really fun. There’s nothing quite as refreshing as being able to whip out your smartphone and jump onto the best mobile online casinos and start to play in a matter of seconds.

You may find at times, and at certain casinos, there will be a slightly smaller selection of games available to players on mobile, and that’s okay. It’s actually pretty standard in the online gambling industry because games need to be specifically designed to work on mobile.

Some games will be slightly different from their desktop counterparts because there isn’t enough real estate on a mobile phone screen when compared to a normal desktop PC monitor. You may find the user interface a little different, perhaps some things look a bit bigger, or maybe the buttons are in a different place. Don’t feel like you’re playing some sort of bugged version of the game, it’s meant to look like that.

The reason being is because of mobile responsiveness, as we touched on earlier. That is one of the big factors so that the casino browser can fit into the screen of your phone, no matter how big or small your phone is. It’s also so that your phone doesn’t take as much strain when playing the games.

Generally, mobile casino games are a little less flashy and use a lot less memory on your phone. Not only that, but these games also require less bandwidth when playing as they are specifically suited to mobile so that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on mobile data costs.

Using Any Device

When you’re talking about mobile games at the best mobile casinos, they really do mean using any device. Whether you are more prone to using some kind of tablet, or just a run-of-the-mill smartphone, as long as your phone meets the minimum Android and iOS requirements, you’ll be set to go.

The minimum requirements are not anywhere near the current mobile phones that are being released today. In fact, if you bought your smartphone in the last ten years, there’s an exceptionally good chance that your phone will easily be able to play all the latest and greatest mobile games that are available.

With today’s technology, you might find that you’ll have to either download an app in order to play. This is actually no different to regular online casinos either. With certain partners, you may need to download the app before you can start playing. There is no right solution here as both of them have pros and cons for your device.

Often people prefer playing browser-based HTML5 games on a mobile because there’s no need to waste any hard drive space on your phone and you can simply just download the game into your temporary internet files and start playing.

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a OnePlus, HTC, Samsung or Blackberry, most of the phones that have been released in the last few years will be able to run mobile casino sites flawlessly. If you happen to be in the Apple camp, it’s a very similar scenario as they both work perfectly across mobile and tablet.

The top mobile online casinos will offer the same types of table games that you’re used to including blackjack, poker, roulette and baccarat, but also the most popular slots and slot games. Just because there are less games available for mobile doesn’t mean that the games aren’t the most popular ones. You should be able to find all your favourites including progressive slots on our chosen list of online casinos.

The Difference Between Apps and Browser-Based Casinos

You may find that some online casino sites still use apps for mobile. These often won’t be found on the Apple Store or the Play Store, but likely from a casino’s own website. The important thing to remember is that there is no right answer concerning apps and browser-based gaming and each person will have their preference.

One thing that is very nice about app-based mobile casinos is that the app has specifically been designed for your mobile, so you may find it costs you less money on bandwidth, it runs a little faster, and it has been organized neatly in a way that suits mobile usage. Having said that, apps aren’t things that can be constantly updated as quickly as websites, so at times, they may seem a little outdated.

With regard to browser-based mobile casinos, the casinos use responsive technology on their websites which fit the displays straight to your phone. The trouble with this, is that sometimes the browser-based casino can look a little strange if the measurements don’t fit perfectly on your screen.

As far as games go, with an online mobile casino running on a browser, you may find that because it’s more technologically advanced and receives regular updates and maintenance, there’s a good chance that it can run just as well as the app, if not better.

Frequently Asked Questions

📌 What’s the best casino app?

There isn’t really one best casino app out there. Each of the specific casino apps that are available will be specific for that particular casino that you’re playing at. Some casinos don’t actually use apps either, they favour a more browser-based approach at some mobile casino sites.

📌 Can you win real money at a mobile casino?

Yes, you can! Real money winning is just a small part of playing at the best mobile casinos. When you sign up at a site and start playing, you’ll be thrown into a sea of new and exciting games and you have a chance to start making real money.

📌 What devices can I use to gamble online at a mobile casino?

Most mobile phone casinos will take a variety of mobiles. Whether you’re running the latest Apple iPhone or some older Samsung Galaxy, as long as you have anything beyond Android 4.5, you can likely play at an online mobile casino.

📌 Is it better to use apps or a browser?

It all depends on what’s best for you. Apps are great because you can jump right into the fun with your account, and you’ll be able to start playing immediately. Sometimes, HTML5 sites may take a little longer to download, but since the experience is responsive, it’s often a lot slicker.

📌 Are mobile casinos safe?

Mobile casinos have to undergo the same type of security scrutiny that regular online casinos have to. You’ll be safe and secure whenever you play at one of our chosen mobile casino sites.