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The Best Online Casinos to Gamble for Real Money

Playing for real money is a load of fun, but finding the right online casino can be tricky. We’ll guide you to the best real money SA casinos in 2019.

Finding the right real money casino that suits your needs can be a difficult task. Many real money online casinos will give you the glitz and glamour of Vegas without actually following through on the things that matter to online gamblers.

With Casino Kenners, we take the hassle out of all of it so you can spend more time playing the games you love. You can play at online casinos for real money with some of the best casinos available in South Africa without having to put in any research or investigation, purely because we’ve done it all for you!

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How We Review South African Online Casinos

Finding the site with the biggest bonus isn’t the best way to do things. Sure, it can be constructive, but if you’re not a seasoned professional in online gambling or gambling in general, you’ll want to find someone whose opinion you can trust.

Our team of experts has spent many years in the online casino industry. They have found the best real money online casinos that not only give you great bonuses, but they offer you safety and security, with the comfort of being able to deposit and withdraw with your preferred banking options.

Our expert reviewers have taken into account the following:

  • Each site needs to be licensed by the correct authorities.
  • Casinos must accept South African players.
  • There must be a wide selection of online casino games.
  • Plenty of banking options for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Exception bonuses and promotions need to be on offer.

Use Real Money Bonuses Wisely

Online casino real money bonuses will give you peace of mind whenever you play because it’ll give you a chance to increase your bankroll and let you play for longer. Online casinos will offer bonuses to players to attract them, and then once they have the players signed up, offering them periodic bonuses to keep them interested.

Keeping an eye out on these bonuses can be a massive boon to your online casino experience because you’ll be able to benefit every time you play.

Welcome Bonuses – Welcome bonuses, or first deposit bonuses, are the bonuses that a casino will give over to you as soon as you’ve made your deposit. These bonuses, while only for new customers, will allow players to boost their bankroll, and multiply their original deposit, letting them play for longer and potentially win more.

Reload Bonuses – Bonuses that happen each day, week, or month are known as reload bonuses. These will be the off-hand bonuses where you can double your deposit on a Monday, or perhaps get cashback on a Friday. These are the bonuses that keep players coming back to the casino once the first initial deposit bonus has worn off.

Free Spin Bonuses – If you’re an avid slot player, then these are the bonuses for you. They often come in conjunction with welcome bonus deposits and will give you several free spins for a particular slot, allowing you to play more and win more.

Referral Bonuses – When you sign up a friend or family with a referral bonus, you both win! These deposits will give you a set amount to use in your chosen online casino. They’ll add the money to the bankroll of you and the friend that you’ve referred to!

Understanding Real Money Casinos

When you decide to play at an online casino for real money, you’ve already made the first positive step into enjoying your gambling. The beauty of the best real money online casinos is that you can play from any device at any time. Whether you’re using an Android or Apple mobile or tablet.

Because everything is online and there’s no need for actual real estate, security, and limited staff, the online casinos put all of this money back into their users. This is why online casinos can offer you such substantial bonuses. And these bonuses are real money additions to your bankroll, despite you need to adhere to a few wagering requirements.

Real Money Casino Games

Most of the online casinos where you’re able to play games for real money will give you a fantastic range of options. Whether you’re looking to play online slots, progressives, or other types of table games, all of the online casinos on our list will offer these games to you both in free versions and real money versions.

These games have also been adapted and configured to play as best they can on whatever device you’re using. The best real money online casinos will offer responsive websites, which mean that you’re able to play on almost any smartphone as long as it meets the minimum operating system requirements.

Responsive sites are ideal for players because the games have been specially designed by the software provider to adjust themselves depending on your screen size. If you decide to play some real money blackjack on your PC, then return a few hours later to play on your iPhone, the game might look a little different, but you’ll still be playing the same game. It’s fantastic!

Frequently Asked Questions

📌 What are the perks to playing at an online real money casino?

Playing at online casinos for real money is big business. It’ll allow you to play wherever you are, on whatever device you choose at any time of the day or night. You’ll have access to far more games than you ever would in a regular casino and best of all, online casinos will often give away real money bonuses to increase your bankroll and let you play for longer.

📌 What is a payout percentage?

A payout percentage is also known as an RTP (return to player) percentage. This is the amount of payout that a particular machine makes to its users. If a slot has a 97% payout rate or RTP, it means that for every R 100 the machine takes in, it pays out R 97. These kinds of RTP percentages make regular slots and fruit machines look like horrible value!

📌 What kind of deposit bonuses are on offer?

Many online casinos will give you a welcome bonus. These are usually amounts that can be double or triple your first initial deposit. With these, you’ll bolster your bankroll, play for longer, and they’ll give you the opportunity to play higher stakes games, and even play some of the games you never thought you’d play before.

📌 Can I win real money at an online casino?

When you play at one of our top rated online casinos, you’ll be in the market for real money as soon as you deposit. With some of them, you can even claim no deposit bonus codes, and start off with a few free spins or bets before you even deposit. Real money winnings at online casinos is definitely something that happens a lot, and people have been made instant millionaires on some of the progressive slots out there.

📌 What are the best real money games to play?

The best games will always be the ones that you enjoy the most. If you’re talking abut the games that payout the best at real money online casinos, then you’re looking for roulette.

It’s got one of the best chances of winning with the lowest house edge, assuming you pick the right roulette game!