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Welcome to SA Casino Expert is provided to any member based on the agreement with no modification regarding the conditions, notices, and terms that can be found here. From now on, these terms will be regarded as the “Terms”. The fact that you use means that you fully agree with every single aspect of these Terms. We highly advise you to take your time and read them to avoid miscommunication and confusion. Moreover, you can download a copy of them. is a website that offers up-to-date data regarding American casino/resorts, riverboats and Indian casinos. Also, you can find here a forum where individuals discuss various subject matters regarding casinos and gambling.


Using this site, your activity becomes subject to the Privacy Policy of the SA Casino Expert. You can read the Privacy Policy and understand how We can process your private information.

Communication via electronic means

Electronic communication can be defined as using communication tools such as emailing to SA Casino Expert. Furthermore, a mere visit to is regarded as electronic communications. Agreeing to these Terms, you give Us your permission to receive emails from Us. Also, you comply with the fact that all deals, notices, admissions and other forms of interaction that can be sent to you from Us, with the help of emails or other means of communication, satisfy any legal obligation that this form of communication has to be in writing.

Maintaining confidentiality is the responsibility of the user. Keeping your password and login from your account safe is crucial for you. It is not advisable to provide your login and password to other people or entities. We are not held responsible for your actions involving transferring your data to third parties. SA Casino Expert itself and companies and organizations that represent partners of the Website retain the right to decline or cancel service, delete your profile, or remove or edit information in case it is required.

It is vital to realize that We do not grant access to persons who are under the age of 18. Information is not collected for such members. Moreover, if you are under 21, the only way you can use this site is if your guardian or parent allows you to do so.

Cooperation with third-party organizations and websites has links that can redirect you to another website. Such sites are called “Linked Sites”. It is paramount to understand that SA Casino Expert does not fully control these links or the content that can be found there, so We are not responsible for you using the information found on these Linked Sites. We do not endorse anything that can be seen on the webpages of the Linked Sites, and We give you access to such links only to help you learn more about various services that our partners can offer.

Few of the services offered on the platform may be delivered by organizations that cooperate with Us. Organizations with which SA Casino Expert cooperates can gain access to your personal information. In case our partner requires some data about your profile, and there is legitimate ground to share such information, such data will be provided.

Limitations to use illegal or restricted information and intellectual property

According to these Terms, every single member on the Website is given a license that is not exclusive, cannot be transferred or revoked, to access and use You are not allowed to do anything on this site that can be considered unlawful or go against these Terms. Actions that are deliberately aimed to destroy, damage, diminish, damage, or encumber the Website will be immediately stopped, and your account will be terminated. Obtaining info from the Website via means that are not intended by the Website is also prohibited.

Media content that you can find on the Website that includes graphical and textual data, as well as programs that are used on the Website, represent the property of SA Casino Expert or its partners. By agreeing with these Terms, you give Us your permission that your actions will acknowledge all copyright and other proprietary legends or other limitations that are included in any of the above-mentioned media content.

It is forbidden to reverse engineer, publish, change, transmit, and exploit any of the content found on the Website. You cannot use material found on the Website for reselling purposes. Secured data cannot be changed in any way. The only goal for the secured data is for personal use. By agreeing with these Terms you give Us your permission that you will not gain any ownership rights in any protected content. Anything that is not expressly authorized by these Terms will be unlicensed.

How to utilize communication tools

SA Casino Expert implements numerous communication tools that include forums, personal web pages, chat groups, calendars, bulletin board services, and many other devices that manage communication and information. These communication tools are collectively regarded as “Communication Services”. By agreeing with these Terms, you give us Your permission to utilize the Communication Services only to send and receive messages and post content that is adequate and has the appropriate theme to the subject of the discussion.

In the section below, you will find an example that does not fully define how you should use a Communication Service. First of all, it is forbidden to harass, threaten, offend, defame, stalk people with whom you communicate. Any violation of the legal rights of interlocutors will be defined as a violation of these Terms. Posting information of other people or content that may seem shocking, offensive, infringing, profane, unlawful, and inappropriate is also defined as a violation. You cannot upload files that contain programs or executable files or other data secured by intellectual property laws. Such action can be practiced only if you own the rights to post, distribute, and share the media content. Content that contains viruses and other malware is forbidden to be uploaded. Posting information that advertises any product or service is forbidden unless it is allowed by Communication Service. You are not allowed to falsify or delete attributions of other authors that define the origin or source of a message, post, or any other media content that is uploaded on the website. Obstructing and restricting other users to communicate and use Communication Services is strictly forbidden. It is also forbidden to collect and analyze information about other individuals without their permission.

We shall not be held responsible for controlling and monitoring the interaction that is done via the Communication Services. Nevertheless, We have the right to review secured materials that were uploaded and posted on the Website and remove them in case there is a necessity or violation of these Terms. We also have the right to terminate your account without stating the reason or giving you notice.

We also have the right to withhold and conceal info if it is by regulation applicable law, legal process or a request from a government body. We also can refuse to post or edit any information on the Website without stating the reason or giving you notice.

We highly advise you not to share personal information with other individuals. However, in case it is needed please be incredibly caution when sharing any info that can be too intimate and personal in any Communication Service. Since We do not control and monitor every single communication and messages that are sent to other members, We are not held responsible and liable for any actions that may result in information sharing and your participation in any Communication Service. Members of the Website and administration staff do not represent certified spokespersons and their attitudes, statements, views, and positions do not represent views and ideas of SA Casino Expert.

Be notified that all uploaded info can be modified or get limited access regarding further usage, copying and/or publication. By uploading such materials, you agree to such limitations.

Information that can be found on website

Information that is posted, uploaded, or submitted by any other mean on the Website is not claimed by the spokespartners of SA Casino Expert. Still, remember that when you upload, submit, or post any info on the platform, you grant us the right to utilize such info as long it is needed for our business. We can copy, publish, transfer, grant access to the public, modify, translate, and reformat such data. Moreover, the name of the person who uploaded the information can be published as well.

Using the information that you submitted will not result in any compensation. The partners of SA Casino Expert do not require to post or use the information that you provide. Moreover, We remain the right to delete and edit posted information whenever it is needed without notifying you.

If you upload, submit or post information, you agree that all the materials uploaded are owned by you.

Third-Party Accounts

Using SA Casino Expert, you will have an opportunity to connect your account to third party accounts. By doing so, you give Us your permission that confidential info about your account can be given to others. In case you do not want your personal data to be transferred to a third party organization, simply do not use this option.

Users located outside of the South Africa

Be notified that all services are operated, controlled, and administrated through offices that are located in the South Africa. In case you access the services that the platform offers outside of the South Africa, international users shall be held responsible to comply with the local laws. By agreeing with these Terms, you give us your promise that you will not violate any locally applicable laws, regulations, and restrictions by using the Website.


You give us your permission to indemnify, protect, and hold harmless SA Casino Expert, and all members that represent this company and companies that are partners of SA Casino Expert. This permission includes indemnification for any losses, costs, liabilities, and expenses that can occur during your use of the Website if there was a violation of any term of this Agreement. The platform retains the right to assume the exclusive security and control of any problem that is related to indemnification by you. If such a scenario becomes real, y will be required to cooperate with Us in asserting any available defenses.

Abortion of the use of site and restriction of the access

We have the right to delete your account without stating the reason at any time. We may also refuse to give you access to some aspects of the platform without notifying you.

By agreeing with these Terms, you give us your permission to not a joint venture, cooperation, employment, or agency relationship exists between you and the company. The company’s performance of this document is in derogation of the company’s right to comply with court, governmental, and law enforcement requests or requirements that have something to do with your experience on the platform. If any part of the above-mentioned agreement is deemed as incorrect, illegal, or inappropriate to the applicable law, the warranty disclaimers and liability limitations set forth above, then the invalid or unenforceable provision will be deemed out-of-date by a valid, enforceable provision that define the intentions that were in the original form of the document.

If it is not stated, this agreement defines the complete agreement between the member of the Website and the partners with respect to the Website and it overrides all prior or contemporaneous communications and proposals, whether they are made via communicational devices or services, orally, or in writing, between SA Casino Expert partners and the member of the Website with respect to the Website. A printed version of this document can be admitted in administrative or judicial affairs based on this document to the same extent and subject to the same conditions as other business documents that were generated originally and remained in the printed form. This and all related documents have to be written in English as a combined wish of all parties.

Modifications of Terms and Conditions

We have the right to modify these Terms at any time. In case a change is made, the old version of the Terms become obsolete, and the new version overrides the previous one. It is in your interest to check these Terms from time to time in order to be informed about possible changes and updates.

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