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No Deposit Casinos

Playing for real money without having to spend a rand has never been easier. Start using no deposit bonuses at online casinos right now!

Online casinos are eager to appeal to players and bring them into the fold with new, exciting and generous offers. They offer a variety of no deposit bonuses to both existing and new customers to encourage play.

No deposit casinos in South Africa are abundant and they are obliged to follow rules set out by the gambling commission which provides additional assurances to online gamblers, making the overall experience much more enjoyable and safer in general.

This article sets out the types of no deposit bonuses that are on offer, including the no deposit welcome bonus, also referred to as a no deposit sign up bonus. The terms and conditions that are applicable to no deposit bonuses are also detailed.

Casino Welcome Bonus No Deposit Games

Casino signup bonuses can be in the form of free spins no deposit and/or a free monetary amount which is credited to the player’s account. We will be focussing on free monetary amounts in this article as we do cover free spins in another article on the site.

Once the player’s account has been credited with the free monetary bonus, most casinos will allow the bonus to be used on any of the games available in the casino, although some games may have payout restrictions. Progressive jackpots are generally excluded from any no deposit bonus gameplay.

Slot machines are the most popular games on the internet and there are usually 1000s of different slots to play for real money with any no deposit signup bonus. The advantage of monetary bonuses over free spins is that you have a wider variety of games to choose from as you are not just limited to slot machines. Although, of course, slot machines can be played as well.

Another advantage of a no deposit welcome bonus is that you can set your own bet amount for any slot games you do play, instead of the value imposed by the casino when they allocate the free spins bonus. Some casinos do, however, impose maximum betting amounts on no deposit bonuses should the player wish to make a withdrawal of cash.

For those players looking to play games such as blackjack, video poker or roulette, be sure to look out for casinos that focus more on no deposit bonuses instead of those casinos which offer mainly free spins. But, either way, there is always lots of fun to be had and many a chance to win, thanks to the various no deposit bonus casinos in South Africa.

No Deposit Bonus Codes

Some casinos work on a bonus code system instead of an automatic player account credit upon registration. The bonus code system works basically like any coupon code offer that you’d find on discounted online purchases, except to redeem the no deposit bonus code, money does not need to be spent.

Upon signing up, the player will then enter the bonus code digits where required within the casino, and the credit is usually reflected in the player’s account instantaneously. As for the rest, no deposit bonus codes operate in the same way that the immediate credits do and have the same terms and conditions overall.

The two methods are essentially, just two different marketing styles to create appeal to a variety of players.

No Deposit Bonuses for Existing Players

No deposit bonuses aren’t restricted to enticing new players. They are also offered as rewards to loyal customers and to entice registered customers to return to the casino. Usually, the terms and conditions applicable to no deposit sign up bonuses apply to the no deposit bonuses awarded to existing players as well. Sometimes though, loyal customers may be part of the casino’s VIP program which could offer lower playthrough rates from time to time as well as higher bonus amounts.

Some casinos offer instant withdrawable deposits to the higher rollers, However, to qualify for this type of bonus, high stakes and lots of betting would have already taken place in the weeks or months prior to the account credit.

Mobile No Deposit Casinos

In their quest to provide opportunities to gamble at any time from anywhere, online casinos are also now available as mobile casinos. Mobile casinos offer a good selection of the casino games, including all the incentives such as all the latest free no deposit bonuses that are available to desktop and laptop users. Not having a desktop computer is no longer a hindrance to taking up a no deposit bonus in South Africa.

Terms and Conditions Of No Deposit Casinos

Whether the no deposit bonus is part of a welcome bonus or awarded to current regular online gamblers, casinos will place restrictions on when and how funds can be withdrawn for real cash.

The best advice you can take on board before making use of any free no deposit bonus code, or welcome bonus, is to read the casino’s terms and conditions. Various restrictions apply which differ between the various casinos. And not only do they differ between casinos, but they can also differ from promotion to promotion and from game to game, or even slot machine to slot machine. Always make sure you know what you’re playing for.

Of course, if your mission is to use up your no deposit welcome bonus just to play for fun, and not withdraw any cash, then you go ahead and ignore the terms and conditions and don’t give it another thought. It is a lot of fun playing casino games just for the pure pleasure of it all.

No Deposit Playthrough Requirements Explained

The one condition for withdrawal of no deposit bonuses, which all new casinos have in place is called a wagering or playthrough requirement. Only once this playthrough requirement is met can winnings be withdrawn. There is usually a requirement that the bonus amount is played through a certain number of times.

If the bonus awarded was R 50 and the playthrough requirement is 60 x the total playthrough would amount to R 3 000. In other words, the bonus must be played, including any winnings, until a total amount of R 3 000 has been wagered. It’s not an easy feat, but it can be done and it has been done many times by many players. It’s all about luck!

Games with different odds such as blackjack and roulette will have a different allocation percentage of each wager made which is allocated to the playthrough requirement. 100% of the amount wagered on slots will usually be allocated to the playthrough requirement but only around 20% of a roulette bet will be allocated. In effect this means that you would have to bet a higher amount overall while playing roulette than you would have to do playing slots to achieve the 60x play through limit.

It may all sound a bit daunting, but reputable casinos keep track of everything well and do provide a running total of what the requirement is, so that players can monitor progress as they go along.

When doing comparisons of which no deposit sign up bonus is best, remember that the higher the particular game allocation percentage is, and the lower the playthrough requirement multiple, the better the deal is overall (assuming all other things being equal).

Cash Payment of No Deposit Bonuses

In addition to the playthrough requirements referred to above, there are other terms and conditions imposed by different casinos. Some casinos place a limit on the maximum amount that can be cashed out from the proceeds of a no deposit bonus. Also, one important thing to check out before starting to play is whether there is any restriction on the amount that can be bet for each spin or game played.

Remember ultimately, that the no deposit bonuses are free to enjoy and give you the opportunity to have some online playtime without spending any money. Give one of them a try!


📌 What is a no deposit sign up bonus?

This is a bonus credit awarded to a newly signed up casino player, just for signing up. It means the player can play a variety of casino games without having to spend any real cash.

📌 Can you win real money with a no deposit welcome bonus?

Yes, real money is up for grabs with welcome bonuses. There are terms and conditions, but many people have won and continue to withdraw winnings from their casino welcome bonuses.

📌 Do I need to download software to claim a casino welcome bonus with no deposit?

This will be casino dependent, but most casinos nowadays don’t require any downloads in order to play and sign up. Even mobile casinos can usually be played without downloading any particular app.

📌 What is the maximum amount a player can withdraw from winnings derived from a no deposit bonus?

Casinos have their own terms and conditions and set different maximum cash out amounts. However, there are some casinos that don’t have any maximum stipulated, and once the playthrough requirements are met, the full amount can be withdrawn.

📌 Where do I find the latest no deposit casino bonuses?

We like to keep players informed of all the latest deposit bonuses so keep checking back.